Monster Outbreak Tour live at The Beacham in Orlando, FL

Finally doing another gallery post! Work on some galleries was delayed due to the semester (graduate school problems) but it’s over now so I can get this done. It’s time for winter break so a few galleries will be coming up in the next couple of weeks from recent shows and others from the past year as a look back on this year’s shows.

Anyway, here is a gallery from this year’s Monster Outbreak Tour featuring Attila, Crown The Empire, Like Moths To Flames, and Sworn In. This tour was really one for the books, from start to finish it was a relentless assault of metalcore. The night was one of pure energy: the bands, crowd, and the atmosphere in general was electric. Before the show started, outside the venue were two lines that extended to the end of the block, it was a packed house and from the moment Sworn In took the stage through to the very end when Attila stepped off everyone lost it. The crowd swayed back and forth like waves in the ocean, while body after body came over the barricade as crowd-surfers came and went from all around. This show represents what metal is all about: good times and good music. That night captured the essence of the music and brought it to life through the interactions between the bands on stage and their fans. Below you will find some of the moments captured that evening.

These young bands, most of whom were started just four years ago, are what this tour is about. They are outbreak artists that are currently on the rise and paving the way for the future of heavy music. Love them or hate them, these bands are at the forefront of not just the metalcore scene but the modern metal in general.

Sworn In

Like Moths To Flames

Crown The Empire