Band: Molder
Song: “Relentless Pestilence”
Album: Engrossed in Decay
Release Date: July 15th, 2022
Label: Prosthetic Records

On the single, the group offer:

‘Relentless Pestilence’ is our ode to living in a plague ridden world. Generally speaking it’s about meeting your demise from an unsuspecting force. Although it was written during the midst of the pandemic, it is not specifically about Covid-19, or any specific event for that matter. It’s just a four-minute ripper about successful world obliteration through the release of contagions. That said, we’re thrilled to drop this video filmed in our rehearsal space. No fancy backdrop, storyline, acting, etc. here… just raw footage of us doing what we do every week in the basement.”


Engrossed in Decay track listing:

  1. “Glutinous Remains”
  2. “Engrossed in Decay”
  3. “Relentless Pestilence”
  4. “Chemically Dissolved”
  5. “Disinhumed Carcass Revived”
  6. “Huff the Stench”
  7. “Unsubstantial Hallucinations”
  8. “Ghastly Mutations”
  9. “Decomposed Embryos”
  10. “Cask of Maggots”
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