Band: Moirai
Song: “Völuspá II”
Album: Blood Treasure, Woven Fates
Release Date: August 5th, 2022
Label: Kunsthall Produktionen

Flautist/vocalist Mara Winter says of the single:

“The second part of the ‘Seeress’ Prophecy’ completes the cycle as the world of our saga falls apart and sinks down into formlessness. Yet, there is a beginning contained in the end as new shapes emerge from the water and fill in new spaces. Medieval harp and fiddle provide a pulsating framework for this haunting song that gradually spins out of control as the order of the universe disintegrates.”


Blood Treasure, Woven Fates track listing:

  1. “Völuspá I”
  2. “Sigrdrífa”
  3. “Rúnar”
  4. “Brynhildr ok Sigurðr”
  5. “Guðrún”
  6. “Eiða svarna”
  7. “Helreið”
  8. “At Gunnars höllo”
  9. “Atli”
  10. “Völuspá II”