Band: Modern Error
Song: “Error of the World”
Director: Zak Pinchin
Album: “Error of the World” – single
Release Date: July 26th, 2021
Label: Rude Records

Vocalist Zak Pinchin comments:

‘Error of the World’ is a duality of audio and visual, expressing a sign of the times as a heightened modern world.

Conceptually I wanted to to paint the picture of feeling isolated in a world more connected than ever, of where we are always cyberly in close proximity but forgetting the feeling of reality, connection and love. We rely on superficial things to feed us something good so quickly that I feel we become addicted to that hit, not thinking and forgetting what living means to each of us individually. We all seem to fall a victim to this way of living, and the song is me coming to terms with this and hoping for change.”