Misery Loves Company sign to Revival Recordings; release “Dead And Buried” music video

New Jersey post-emo rockers Misery Loves Company are the latest addition to Revival Recordings roster. The band’s first output for their new label home will be a six-track effort titled Love Notes And Highways, out March 17th. The first sample comes in the form of the music video for their new single “Dead And Buried”, check it out below courtesy of Paste Magazine. The band said of the song:

“With this song we wanted to romanticize with death and the afterworld. It’s basically if Romeo And Juliet was directed by Tim Burton in a nutshell. The characters in the song essentially love each other so much that they both would rather die together than be alone without the other. We wanted to write a radio friendly song that was just dark as possible. The song structure is almost as if it’s a pop top 100 song but with dark minor key melodies, involved with some morbid and heavy lyrics of love loss, and regrowth.”

Pre-orders for Love Notes And Highways are available now via MerchNOW, iTunes, Google Play, and Amazon.

Love Notes And Highways track listing:

1. “Save Me From Myself”
2. “All Used Up”
3. “Dead And Buried”
4. “Goodbye Forever”
5. “To Whom It May Concern”
6. “Beautiful Tragedy”