Mirrors For Psychic Warfare stream new record I See What I Became

Band: Mirrors For Psychic Warfare
Album: I See What I Became
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: Neurot Recordings

Streaming exclusively via Decibel.

Vocalist/guitrist Scott Kelly commented:

“This record shows the heart of our previous work together in Mirrors For Psychic Warfare and Corrections House, but the songwriting has evolved immensely in my opinion. Still abstract and still unsettled but the groove is present throughout this record. Approach with an open mind and we think this will move you.”


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  • I See What I Became track listing:

    1. “Animal Coffins”
    2. “Tomb Puncher”
    3. “Body Ash”
    4. “Flat Rats In The Alley”
    5. “Thing Of Knives”
    6. “Crooked Teeth”
    7. “Death Cart”
    8. “Coward Heat”