Misnk have released the second single from their forthcoming release The Crash & The Draw. You can stream the new track “The Way Is Through” above courtesy of Steel For Brains. Guitarist/vocalist Christopher Bennett said of the new song:

“To seek and discover, to die and become. Forever in a circle. There exists treasures waiting for our search. All of these are within our reach. They are a part of us all. Awaken to begin. No circumventing here. Come along, do not hesitate. The world will be built again. ‘The Way Is Through’ is a reminder to stay the course. The desire to gain knowledge and understanding of the world around us, of the past, present and future, must be accompanied by the Will. Thought without action is useless. This song is our offering and our translation of the experience on the path; an experience that can be at once understated and tranquil, yet outlandish and overwhelming.”

The Crash & The Draw is set for release on April 7th through Relapse Records. Pre-orders are available here (CD/LP) and here (digital).