Band: Memoriam
Song: “Undefeated”
Album: Requiem For Mankind
Release Date: June 21st, 2019
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Singer Karl Willetts said of the track:

‘Undefeated’ – this track is a fist pumping anthem. It is a statement of strength and empowerment. We all go through life and experience hardship and pain, but it is how you come through it that counts. It’s a song that reflects how we feel about what we have achieved in our lives…I think that is something that everyone can relate to. The lyrics are about being true to yourself and through adversity retaining integrity and staying strong. Remaining undefeated.”


Requiem For Mankind track listing:

  1. “Shell Shock”
  2. “Undefeated”
  3. “Never The Victim”
  4. “Austerity Kills”
  5. “In The Midst Of Desolation”
  6. “Refuse To Be Led”
  7. “The Veteran”
  8. “Requiem For Mankind”
  9. “Fixed Bayonets”
  10. “Interment”
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