Melted Space streams new track “Regrets”

Band: Melted Space
Song: “Regrets”
Album: Darkening Light
Release Date: March 23rd, 2018
Label: Sensory Records

Streaming exclusively via Soundcloud.


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  • Also streaming below is the track “The Dawn Of Man (I’m Alive!)”, of which mastermind Pierre Le Pape said:

    “A few weeks before the release date of Darkening Light, Melted Space is proud to reveal a lyric video! Called ‘The Dawn of Man (I’m Alive!)’, this powerful song is interpreted by Jeff Scott Soto and almost all the singers of this new epic album.”

    Darkening Light track listing:

    1. “The Void Before”
    2. “Newborns”
    3. “The Meaning of this Place”
    4. “From the Beginning to the End”
    5. “The Dawn of Man (I’m Alive!) ”
    6. “Trust in Me”
    7. “Regrets”
    8. “Man and Future”
    9. “Missing Creed”
    10. “Fallen World”