Tampa caustic hardcore punk unit Meatwound have debuted a music video for a new track titled “Refusal”. The song is the first single off their forthcoming third record, Culero, which is scheduled for release on August 2nd on Financial Ruin Records. Distribution will be handled via Dead Tank Records; digitally Pax Aeternum will handle the release.

Additionally, the cover art and track listing for the record have been revealed. The cover art was helmed by Vincent Locke, with booklet art by Unexpected Spectre, and layout and design handled by Meatwound vocalist Daniel Wallace. Physical pre-orders are not yet available, but digital copies can be secured now on Bandcamp.

Culero track listing:

  1. “Void Center”
  2. “Fist Of God”
  3. “Refusal”
  4. “Final Archive”
  5. “Elders”
  6. “Oral History”
  7. “Nightmare Farm”
  8. “A Minor Problem”
  9. “Monday”
  10. “…In The Fields With The Beasts”

[via No Echo]