Meatwound premiere new single “Séance”

Meatwound have debuted their new track “Séance”, listen below. Frontman Daniel Shook said of the songwriting process for the song and album:

“We used to practice in a storage unit that had previously been a hair braiding spot. The Black Diamonds and Pearls sign was still above the door and the interior was still pink and purple with plastic pearls and ribbons on the walls. We had started writing ‘Séance’ with our old drummer and the music stayed the same but as it came together with Leo on drums, it sounded more like sped up Calypso rhythms and we began referring to it as Polyester Motörhead. I started picturing some Serpent And The Rainbow shit. The lyrics were originally going to be more of a straight exorcism ritual transcript. Who sets the table for a supernatural tale better than H. P. Lovecraft? So, I swiped from the scribe of unnamable horrors and eventually figured out how to land my white ass on Marty and Leo’s choppy island beats. Coincidentally, after invoking Lovecraft, a strange oily substance started seeping through the wall and mucking up all our shit. Turns out the hydraulic lift in the mechanic shop next door sprung a leak. We had to move into a different space two units over and a biker church moved in to Black Diamonds and Pearls. It didn’t last long.”

The song is the lead single off their forthcoming sophomore album Largo. Magic Bullet Records will have the effort out on May 12th, but you can pre-order it today here or from the Bandcamp player below.

[via No Clean Singing]