Matt Pike of stoner metal group High On Fire recently spoke with Loudwire where he discussed the difference between Converse Tour and a regular tour, the upcoming record, and his other band Sleep. On the Converse Tour, the vocalist/guitarist said:

“One is the free admission thing and them paying artists still. It’s a really cool deal. It gives the kids a lot of promotion and the kids a lot of money to buy t-shirts and hang out. It’s really cool on the public side of things, it’s a win win for everyone.”

Regarding then new record, Pike stated:

“It’s an extension of Vermis, only it’s way deeper. Way deeper. I’m not going to elaborate until I have everything written and my band has all the music together. Jeff [Matz, bass] has been writing all crazy. We’ve been locking ourselves up in New Orleans. We’re taking a little time, I think we’re going to push back our recording date a little but just to make sure that everything is solid and there’s no get-by music on it. It’s all straightforward until every last note is perfect.”

Pike was also asked about a new album from Sleep during the interview, to which he responded:

“No, I really can’t go into that. Maybe the miracle will happen if the miracle happens. [Laughs] I can’t elaborate, I’ve already said too much.”

That’s all she wrote, if and when more news comes up on any of these topics we’ll let you know as soon as possible.