A new Marty Friedman track titled “Whiteworm” has made its online debut, listen below. The guitar virtuoso said of the song:

“There are many unique playing, composing and arranging concepts on each song [on Wall Of Sound], and they are quite different from each other. In ‘Whiteworm’, it starts with an element that I like, which is to do something that ‘doesn`t sound like me’. I tend to sound like myself even when I`m not trying to, so it is a little thrill to come up with something that doesn`t smell like me at all. Also, I think a subliminal goal in rock music is to have an intro that many people will want to pick up a guitar and play – ‘Stairway to Heaven’, ‘Smoke On The Water’, etc. Since those days, more challenging things can inspire people too. This intro would have made me run to a guitar to try to learn it when I was 15.”

Friedman‘s new record Wall Of Sound is slated to hit stores on August 4th through Prosthetic Records. Pre-orders are available here.

[via Guitar World]