Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics release video for “What Could Possibly Go Wrong” video

Experimental jazz/noise collective Mac Gollehon & The Hispanic Mechanics has released a music video for their song “What Could Possibly Go Wrong”. The clip was shot live by photographer/visual artist Michael Baumann at Trans-Pecos in Queens this past March. Band leader Mac Gollehon said of the song/video:

“This is from a live show at Trans-Pecos. It is industrial noise; Latin percussion as the trumpet calls for Armageddon. There is simplicity yet tension in the melodic statement. Then the processed trumpet renders the harmonic structure in an epic dialogue of layered serial cadence. Jackson is a soundscape noise artist with his analog sonic collections. Michael Baumann recorded the performance and mentioned to me the soundtrack characteristic of the show. I agreed and then we discussed the image conception. The sounds evoked the eminent peril that has invaded our present-day world at a frantic pace. A world already prophetically erupting with anger, greed, war, impatience, poverty, and pestilence. Michael Baumann came up with the artistic perspective of some of the planets menacing megalomaniacs as well as some stone-cold fools that are collectively staging complete devastation and destruction. The video shows real footage of the industrial military buildup as the world becomes a pressure cooker leading to one very real possibility of complete demise of civilization. Tyrants fueled by toots and tweets, rage, lies, limitation, and delusional illusion in hopes to create confusion and conflict. The lines blur as the sounds form a textural kaleidoscope. Only you can visualize and change towards the direction of peace before it is too late.”