Band: Lucifer
Song: “Bring Me His Head”
Director: Amir Chamdin
Album: Lucifer IV
Release Date: October 29th, 2021
Label: Century Media Records

Frontwoman Johanna Sadonis says of the video:

‘Carrie’ is one of my favorite movies. Being an outsider myself my entire life, I’ve always identified with her. We are very excited that this time we got to work with director Amir Chamdin and photographer Crille Forsberg on our videos. Their body of work is quite breathtaking, if you look it up, so it was a real honor. The video to ‘Bring Me His Head’ is only one part of the story but we can’t give anything more away at this point.”


Lucifer IV track listing:

  1. “Archangel Of Death”
  2. “Wild Hearses”
  3. “Crucifix (I Burn For You)”
  4. “Bring Me His Head”
  5. “Mausoleum”
  6. “The Funeral Pyre”
  7. “Cold As A Tombstone”
  8. “Louise”
  9. “Nightmare”
  10. “Orion”
  11. “Phobos”
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