Lord Of War debut new track “Nexus Of Hate” featuring Molotov Solution vocalist

Lord Of War have released a lyric video for a new song titled “Nexus Of Hate”, which features guest vocals by Nick Arthur of Molotov Solution. The group elaborates on the track:

‘Nexus Of Hate’ is actually one of the first songs that came together for the album. Originally we were planning on making an EP which included ‘Nexus…’ but the label was more interested in us doing a full length. Once we were steered into that direction it changed a lot on how the band wrote music and ultimately how Suffer as a whole would be created. One of the really cool things about this track is that it features Nick Arthur from Molotov Solution. Our recording engineer, Kelly Cairns, previously recorded Molotov’s The Harbinger and that’s how things came together with Nick. We were really excited about it because we loved Nick’s vocal style and we were already big fans of the band. At the time ‘Nexus….’ was written, it was literally just [guitarist] Dan [Richardson] and [guitarist] Alex [Walshaw] in the band. It was a really rough time for us because we weren’t doing any touring. We had a falling out with our other band members and it just seemed like everything was working against us. We made a joke about how we felt we were in a ‘Nexus Of Hate’ and when we said that we both looked at each other and said, ‘that’s a song title!’ The writing process for this song solidified a lot of things on how the rest of the album would be written. ‘Nexus Of Hate’ is a concept of a dimension where your darkest fears become reality; a vision of hell personalized to the individual trapped in the Nexus. Everything you love, know and care about is brutally and methodically torn apart. This stage is set to torture, demoralize and warp the mind of the individual that’s trapped and push them past the point of known suffering and insanity. The concept originated from the film Event Horizon and other sci-fi horror films. Scientists have theories that there could be an infinite number of alternate realities and parallel universes. Who’s to say something like the ‘Nexus Of Hate’ doesn’t exist…”

Their new album Suffer is slated for release on July 8th through Unique Leader Records. The effort is available for pre-order via IndieMerch.