Listen to Yayla’s new record in its entirety

In case you missed it, Turkish black metallers Yayla‘s recently released fifth studio album, A full-album stream of the effort is available and can be found below. Mastermind Emir Toğrul comments: takes many forms with lengthy instrumental tracks, from synth driven string ensemble ambiences to psychedelic guitar tracks, to ‘traditional’ black and death metal songs with very unconventional structures fused with synths. The Yayla concept is at its pinnacle in, with the name of the band and our whole concept of nature based metal music coming to an alchemical home as we delve back into our roots after all these years of adventures as Viranesir and Blighted in an ironic existential absurdity. It’s a tale of dungeon style atmosphere, relentless black metal, nostalgic overdose and musical hypnosis.” is out now via Merdümgiriz Records and available for purchase on CD, cassette, and digital through the Bandcamp player embedded below.