Listen to Municipal Waste’s Electrified Brain in its entirety

Band: Municipal Waste
Album: Electrified Brain
Release Date: July 1st, 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Electrified Brain track listing:

  1. “Electrified Brain”
  2. “Demoralizer”
  3. “Last Crawl”
  4. “Grave Dive”
  5. “The Bite”
  6. “High Speed Steel”
  7. “Thermonuclear Protection”
  8. “Blood Vessel/Boat Jail”
  9. “Crank the Heat”
  10. “Restless and Wicked”
  11. “Ten Cent Beer Night”
  12. “Barreled Rage”
  13. “Putting on Errors”
  14. “Paranormal Janitor”