Listen to Miss May I’s Curse of Existence in its entirety

Band: Miss May I
Album: Curse of Existence
Release Date: September 2nd, 2022
Label: SharpTone Records

Vocalist Levi Benton said of the new release:

“We are excited to release not only our seventh studio album, but our most truthful album. Curse of Existence comes from a place of vulnerability and truth. This album is our story of the growth and responsibility we faced during the last five years as a band. This album was already in the works before the pandemic started and when the world shut down it added an entire new narrative to what we were working on. With the world stopped and the stress of a constant schedule hovering over us in the studio we were able to dig deeper than before and found who we really were as well as coming face to face with what we needed to deal with when the sound of the world was tuned out. This album is our reflection.”

On the album’s title Benton offered:

Curse of Existence is exactly what it reads, the curse we have in our existence. This doesn’t mean anything strictly negative, but it covers all existence that is the good and the bad, the highs and the lows, the sorrow and the joy. Everything that comes with life comes with a lesson and a price and that is what we have put into this new album. It tells our lessons over our lives that have shaped us and have brought us to the very bottom of our lowest low and the tallest point to our highest high. We know the reflection we all went through during the world coming to a halt and that experience brought a lot of these sheltered emotions to light!”


Curse of Existence track listing:

  1. “A Smile That Does Not Exist”
  2. “Earth Shaker”
  3. “Bleed Together”
  4. “Into Oblivion”
  5. “Hollow Vessel”
  6. “Free Fall”
  7. “Born Destroyers”
  8. “Unconquered”
  9. “Savior of Self”
  10. “Bloodshed”