Listen to LLNN and Wovoka’s split Marks/Traces in its entirety

LLNN and Wovoka‘s split, Marks/Traces, is now streaming in full; listen below courtesy of No Clean Singing. The effort is scheduled to hit stores this Friday, June 16th through Pelagic Records. North American pre-orders can be picked up here (CD) and here (LP); while European patrons can be secured here (CD) and here (LP).

Marks/Traces track listing:

1. LLNN – “The Guardian”
2. LLNN – “Swarms”
3. LLNN – “Engineer of Ire”
4. LLNN – “Nostromo Falls”
5. LLNN – “Eye of the Covenant”
6. LLNN – “Gravitated”
7. Wovoka – “Traces”