Listen to Internal Bleeding’s new effort Corrupting Influence in full

Band: Internal Bleeding
Album: Corrupting Influence
Release Date: October 19th, 2018
Label: Unique Leader Records

The group said of the new release:

“We worked really hard on creating an album that is chock full of signature Internal Bleeding Riffs. It also contains a lot of surprise twists and turns that expand on our sound and take some songs to places we’ve never gone before.

With the shadow of our lost brother Bill Tolley looming large over us, we had to make sure Corrupting Influence was something he would listen to and be proud of. We feel we accomplished that and we hope our fans will enjoy the ride.”


  • IndieMerch (NA)
  • Impericon (EU/UK)
  • Bandcamp
  • iTunes
  • Corrupting Influence track listing:

    1. “Compelled To Consume”
    2. “Corrupting Influence”
    3. “Fatal Dependency”
    4. “Focus”
    5. “Surrounded From The Inside”
    6. “Unreality”
    7. “Litany Of Insincerity”
    8. “Final Justice”
    9. “The Supreme Sacrifice”

    [via Decibel]