Kansas City rockers Hyborian‘s debut record Hyborian: Volume I is streaming online in full, take it in below. Frontman Martin Bush says:

“We can’t wait to have this record out and into people’s hands. We put a lot of heart into this record so we’re stoked to see such positive reaction so far and we hope everyone enjoys it as much as we enjoyed creating it! Our tour kicks off today, so catch us on the road! Can’t wait to see you guys out there.”

The album is out now through The Company. Head over to Big Cartel or iTunes to get your copy. Dates for the aforementioned tour can be found here.

Hyborian: Volume I track listing:

1. “As Above, So Below”
2. “Maelstrom”
3. “Blood For Blood”
4. “Dead Lies Dreaming”
5. “Ajna”
6. “Dross”

[via Revolver]