Listen to Haze Mage’s Chronicles in full

Band: Haze Mage
Album: Chronicles
Release Date: April 19th, 2019
Label: Grimoire Records

The band commented:

“Through the sanguine-tinted lens of a nameless warrior, experience a blood-soaked landscape shrouded in magic and inhabited by otherworldly beings. Ancient tomes of the realm recite tales of those seeking vengeance on evil, the perils which have been witnessed and passed down for generations, and the warnings of an impending doom. Shrouded in blackness, a shadowy, towering figure, layered behind curtains of effluvium. Its clawed hands rise to the empyrean, slivery eyes glowing red and massive spiked horns cut through the vapor to reveal the master of this realm and the miasma of smothering murk he commands, the Haze Mage. Will you succumb to his haunting power or will you be consumed by the power of the haze?”


[via Doomed & Stoned]