Listen to Hail The Sun’s new record Mental Knife in its entirety

Band: Hail The Sun
Album: Mental Knife
Release Date: September 28th, 2018
Label: Equal Vision Records

Frontman Donovan Melero commented:

“The four of us have never known each other, and our individual styles of writing, so well. This reflects in how quickly Mental Knife came together while still full encompassing everything we love to play as a unit.”


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  • Mental Knife track listing:

    1. “Gouge & Uproot”
    2. “Mental Knife”
    3. “Suffocating Syndrome”
    4. “Devotion Cuts”
    5. “The Stranger In Our Pictures”
    6. “A Lesson In Lust”
    7. “Risk/Reward”
    8. “Feel It When Convenient”
    9. “Arcane Justice”
    10. “Glass: Half Empty”
    11. “On Existence”