Listen to ERDVE’s Savigaila in its entirety

Album: Savigaila
Release Date: July 23rd, 2021
Label: Season of Mist

The group comment:

“Finally, we are able to share our creative output at the fullest extent. This record is a huge step for us as a band and got us really hyped on experimenting further with heavy music, visuals and narrative. There was quite a bit of emotional weight that came up with the birth of this album, so we are really looking forward to all the feedback from the listeners. Now that the album is being released, we are very thankful to everyone who supports our work! You can be sure to hear much more from us soon, but for now, we hope you will enjoy this record.”


Savigaila track listing:

  1. “Lavondėmės”
  2. “Smala”
  3. “Votis”
  4. “Betonas”
  5. “Pleura”
  6. “Bendrystė”
  7. “Sugretinimas”
  8. “Pragulos”
  9. “Savigaila”
  10. “Skilimas”
  11. “Takoskyra”