Listen to Discipline’s new effort Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea

Discipline‘s fifth studio record Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea has officially been released on Laser’s Edge. The album can be streamed in its entirety below. Vocalist/keyboardist Matthew Parmenter said of the album’s release:

“We in the band, together with our longtime fans and new listeners, are poised at the edge of new creation, new connections, new aural perceptions. One can hear an album only once the first time. After the first listen, the act is always a return to ever more familiar yet newly explored waters. The brain changes with every listen. Neurons fire and we make new connections all the time. We all have great and joyous work to do in this, the miraculous act of listening.”

You can purchase Captives Of The Wine Dark Sea using the embedded Bandcamp player below or at the label’s webstore.