Listen to Carnation’s debut album, Chapel Of Abhorrence, in its entirety

Band: Carnation
Album: Chapel Of Abhorrence
Release Date: August 17th, 2018
Label: Season Of Mist

The outfit said of the effort:

“Finally the moment has arrived. The official release date is only two days off, but we can now proudly present the album in its entirety. The album is streaming from start to finish on the Season of Mist Youtube page. We hope you will enjoy these 47 minutes filled with death metal insanity. In ten days from now, we will also be performing all eleven tracks live on stage at our album release show in Aarschot, Belgium. We hope to see you there!”


  • Bandcamp
  • Chapel Of Abhorrence track listing:

    1. “The Whisperer”
    2. “Hellfire”
    3. “Chapel of Abhorrence”
    4. “The Unconquerable Sun”
    5. “Disciples of Bloodlust”
    6. “Hatred Unleashed”
    7. “Plaguebreeder”
    8. “Magnum Chaos”
    9. “Sermon of the Dead”
    10. “Fathomless Depths”
    11. “Power Trip”