Band: Band of Bastards
Release Date: July 23rd, 2021
Label: Redacted Records/SilverDoor Music

Guitarist Andrew Leeper comments on the effort:

DELETE. REPEAT. is a furiously feral slab of American hardcore. We wanted the record to be raw and immediate, so we headed into the studio after only a handful of practices and it just clicked. We ended up recording half the songs pre-pandemic and the other half towards the start of 2021. There was real catharsis in making a record this righteously pissed during the last year. Half of the songs have never been played live so as clubs start to reopen, it feels good to finally be able to unleash them on people.”


DELETE. REPEAT. track listing:

  1. “Ruined”
  2. “Prospect”
  3. “False Idols”
  4. “Division”
  5. “Holly Roller”
  6. “Dying In The Streets”
  7. “Let Me Out”
  8. “Raising Satanic Children”
  9. “Can’t Ya Crawl”
  10. “Stand”
  11. “Every Day”
  12. “We Are In This Together”