Listen to Accident Prone’s new track “Spring Loaded To Self Destruct”

Photo by: Jordan Wall

Band: Accident Prone
Song: “Spring Loaded To Self Destruct”
Album: Deep Wound Red EP
Release Date: August 23rd, 2018

Vocalist David P. offers:

“It’s about somebody thinking that they can be wishy-washy with you but deciding it’s not worth your time.”

Bassist James B. adds:

“I remember our guitarist James D. first demoing this track and having some of the riffs stuck in my head; it’s catchy. This song is fun to play live to me mostly because it’s the least technical, so we can comfortably get into it and move around a little bit when we play it.”


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  • Deep Wound Red EP track listing:

    1. “Jonestown Family Reunion”
    2. “Despairado”
    3. “Deep Wound Red”
    4. “Yellow Spectacles”
    5. “Spring Loaded To Self Destruct”
    6. “Loveless”

    [via New Noise Magazine]