Lilac Lungs streaming new album Eventide

Lilac Lungs have issued a full-album stream of their debut effort Eventide, listen below. Guitarist Johney Birrell said of it:

“This album came from a very genuine and emotional place for us. Nonetheless, we never fail to push ourselves to strive for new sounding music to give whoever listens to these songs a refreshing, yet nostalgic experience. You can expect to hear catchy pop songs, as well as an intriguing alternative side that you have never heard. By pushing our musical abilities while making this album, we were able to be as creative as we possibly could. Mixing familiar tastes that derived from our musical backgrounds with new and unique techniques we’ve never tried before, the songs on ‘Eventide’ were created. We hope you enjoy what you hear, as this album takes you on a rollercoaster of emotions from start to finish.”

The record hits stores this Friday, May 12th. Pre-orders are available on iTunes and Google Play.

Eventide track listing:

1. “Welcome To The Fallout”
2. “Next To Nothing”
3. “Uh-Oh”
4. “Fallen For Your Face”
5. “Us vs. Ourselves”
6. “Guard Dog”
7. “Fine”
8. “Circle”
9. “All I Have”
10. “Young Warrior”

[via idobi Radio]