LIK premiere “Celebration Of The Twisted” music video

Photo by: Michaela Barkensjö/Sinners Art

Band: LIK
Song: “Celebration Of The Twisted”
Album: Carnage
Release Date: May 4th, 2018
Label: Metal Blade Records

The group said of the clip:

“We wanted to depict just how dark and gloomy Stockholm can be during the long winter we’re given here in the north. That sets a mood perfect to write old school death metal. You can say that the inspiration is always just around the corner. The one who knows his or her Stockholm death metal will rejoice as there’s some major landmarks included in this video!”


  • Carnage track listing:

    1. “To Kill”
    2. “Rid You Of Your Flesh”
    3. “Celebration Of The Twisted”
    4. “Dr. Duschanka”
    5. “Left To Die”
    6. “Cannibalistic Infancy”
    7. “Death Cult”
    8. “The Deranged”
    9. “Only Death Is Left Alive”
    10. “Embrace The End”