Lifesick sign with Southern Lord Recordings; debut LP 6 0 1 due in November

Lifesick 1

Photo by: Mindspark Films

Official press release:

Southern Lord is shining the spotlight on Denmark again for their newest signing, in the form of Frederica’s Lifesick, an overwhelmingly hard-hitting act that takes aggressive, mosh-primed hardcore and introduces it to morbid, extreme metal. Their debut LP, 6 0 1, recorded at Dead Rat Studio by Jacob Bredhal and mastered by Brad Boatright, will be released by the label on vinyl and digital formats in November, following the CD release by FWH Records.

Watch the video for the album’s “In Love With Hate” now below:

Lifesick twists the clobbering sounds of bands like Merauder, Xibalba, and Nails so it matches the northern European climate: harsh, cold, and steeped in metal history. Between spin-kick beatdowns and direct forceful vocals, the young Danes make their mark with evil melodies that ooze black and death metal vibes, all delivered in the crushing tone of the HM-2.

6 0 1 track listing:

1. “Lifesick”
2. “Swing Away”
3. “Real Men”
4. “Open Casket”
5. “Leshy”
6. “Real Friends Come From Grief”
7. “In Love With Hate”
8. “Mindplague”

Lifesick 3

More record and live details will be announced shortly; in the meantime, Lifesick has a string of upcoming shows planned.

Lifesick live:

9/02 – Frederica, DK | Frederica Rock
9/03 – Herning, DK | Kontrast
10/08 – Duisberg, DE | Juz St. Peter
11/12 – Essen, DE | Walkabout