Official press release:

Season of Mist are proud to announce the signing of Lice. The brand new avant garde black metal outfit, including members of Shining and Teitanblood, will release their brand new album, Woe Betide You, on May 10. The first song, “Layers of Dirt”, can be heard here:

Lice comment on the signing:

“Lo and behold! For there is an overflowing feeling of feverish joy in the Lice mine as the one and only Season Of Mist took the required steps that finally allow us to move forward with mercurial charm from the incubation stage to scorn torrent holocaust upon all things human, and will responsibly amplify and nobly deliver our wise chants of decay to every corner and hole of this magnificent planet.”

Woe Betide You can be pre-ordered in various formats HERE.

Woe Betide You track listing:

  1. “Beyond Eternal Recurrence”
  2. “Layers Of Dirt”
  3. “Towards Reality”
  4. “Level Below”
  5. “Roadkill”
  6. “Pride Eraser”
  7. “…And So The Ceaseless Murmur Of The World Came To An End”