Lesser Glow premiere Ruined album stream

Band: Lesser Glow
Album: Ruined
Release Date: June 8th, 2018
Label: Pelagic Records

The group said of the new effort:

“With Ruined, we set out to simply make heavy music. There was no meditated preconception of genre or specific end goal, but more a true amalgamation of influence and focused frustration that shaped the sound. Thematically, Ruined comments on humanity’s perpetual ability for self-destruction, both in solitude and in numbers. Willingly ignorant, we are doomed to repeat ourselves through cyclical consumerism.”


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  • Ruined track listing:

    1. “Ruined”
    2. “Vacant Throne”
    3. “Tel Meggido”
    4. “Empty Eyes”
    5. “Fall On Mortal Decay”
    6. “Under The Polar Shade”