Leng Tch’e announce new album Razorgrind; premiere new song “Gundog Allegiance”

Official press release:

The Belgian deathgrind veterans Leng Tch’e have revealed new details behind their forthcoming new album. The new album, titled Razorgrind, will be released by Season Of Mist worldwide on August 25. Leng Tch’e‘s vicious Razorgrind deploys all the classic genre hallmarks; light-speed drumming, rabid vocal barking, and a swarming guitar attack packed into ferocious bursts of aggression. Razorgrind can be pre-ordered now.

Leng Tch’e are streaming the first new track off Razorgrind. The track, a ripping rush of sonic violence titled “Gundog Allegiance” is streaming below via Decibel Magazine:

Regarding the new track, Leng Tch’e comment:

“Here’s the first song off our new album Razorgrind. It’s a short and heavy grinder with our patented groove thrown into the mix. A violent song about violent tendencies in humanity when brainwashed by religion… alas all too relevant in today’s violent world. All we can say is: enjoy life and enjoy the grind!”

Razorgrind track listing:

1. “Gundog Allegiance”
2. “Indomitable”
3. “Cibus”
4. “Spore”
5. “AnarChristic”
6. “Stentor of Doom”
7. “Redundant”
8. “Commitment Fail”
9. “The Red Pill”
10. “Species. Path. Extinction.”
11. “Guinea Swine”
12. “Cirrhosis”
13. “I Am the Vulture”
14. “Magellanic Shrine”