Band: Leeched
Album: You Took The Sun When You Left
Release Date: August 24th, 2018
Label: Prosthetic Records

Streaming exclusively via Metal Hammer.

The band said of the record:

“We are very excited to present this album – almost a year after we released our EP. We feel we have made steps in a bolder direction as a band since then, and hope people will hear this experimentation when they listen. It’s been great to be on the road with Full of Hell the week the album comes out – it’s certainly made an impact. We’ve even had people coming to shows because they saw the album’s reviews online. Thank you to everyone who’s checked us out so far.”


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  • You Took The Sun When You Left track listing:

    1. “Cripple The Herd”
    2. “Rope”
    3. “The Stone And The Steel”
    4. “By The Factories”
    5. “Guilt”
    6. “A Mouth Full Of Dirt”
    7. “Born In Sand”
    8. “Raised By Lead”
    9. “Hollow-Point Weddings”
    10. “Harrow The Pastures”
    11. “You Took The Sun When You Left”

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