Lantlos shares video for new single “IDONTKNOW”

Band: Lantlos
Album: Wildhund
Release Date: July 30th, 2021
Label: Prophecy Productions

The song is taken from the Glitchking CD, which is part of the special edition of the upcoming full-length Wildhund. Markus Siegenhort said of the track:

“The song ‘IDONTKNOW’ from Glitchking is obviously quite different from what you have heard from Wildhund so far. This provides me with an excellent opportunity to explain the concept behind this twin album. Many people have asked me about Glitchking that has been introduced as a bonus disc coming with the special edition of Wildhund. Well, I rather see these two works as complementing each other and as two parts of the whole piece. I have put as much effort into Glitchking as into Wildhund, which can be seen as counterparts or rather different perspectives of the same vision. It is all about: The Zone – the heavenly otherworld. This ultimate fantasy of a weird dreamlike realm oozing bubblegum is overwhelming and suffocating the ego with sweetness and delight. Without a beginning or an end, everything is The Zone and The Zone is everything. Wildhund represents the acceleration, excitement, power, and pure joy of The Zone, a vivid sensation of inspiration, a special fragrance in the air, a childlike fascination, and unreal bliss. Glitchking is holding a mirror to the danger that it is very easy to get lost within The Zone. The Zone makes you forget about everything else. It turns your every day life even more onto a feeling of grey. The Zone entangles and pulls into its divine bubble. Sweet, sweeter, unbearably sweet. The glory and the horror. Too detached to focus, feelings reach the point where they becomes just an overloaded, over-saturated, and energy draining heaven of glittery tar. Glitchking is an experimental, noisy, wobbly, and down-tuned sonic trip. Stay ZONED. For ever etherealPRO.”