Lakeshore have a new video out for their song “Future”, take it in below. Guitarist Ben Lionetti said of the clip:

“In a time where the world seems so divided and our generation’s words sometimes seem to fall on deaf ears, we wanted to touch on subjects that we feel strongly about as well as provide a positive message. Regardless of race, gender, political view the bottom line is we are all here now, we are all human beings with dreams and aspirations and the decisions we make now directly affect the future of our world. It may sound cliche but it’s very true. It’s a message that means a lot to the band and something that came about very naturally from writing to filming – Thank you to our friends around the world who helped us with the video we had a lot of fun making it and we hope you enjoy it!”

“Future” is off the Connecticut-based outfit’s debut effort, the 41 EP, out August 4th on Outerloop Records. Visit All In Merch for pre-orders.

[via Alternative Press]