Lakes release “Matches” music video

Photo by: Dylan Nolte

Band: Lakes
Song: “Matches”
Album: Start Again
Release Date: July 30th, 2021
Label: Know Hope Records

Vocalist and guitarist Robert Cappellina elaborates:

“Watching the way political discourse has played out over the past few years and the tension that comes with polarising views – it’s exhausting. No one wants to be proven wrong. There’s a need for space to have real conversations with each other and to listen. This song is about reaching out to have those conversations.”


Start Again track listing:

  1. “Blind”
  2. “No Excuses”
  3. “Matches”
  4. “Windermere”
  5. “Mirrors”
  6. “Peace”
  7. “Start Again”
  8. “Talk!”
  9. “Get Better”
  10. “Taupo”
  11. “Retrograde”
  12. “Animals”