Lago joins the Unique Leader Records roster

Official press release:

Unique Leader Records is proud to announce the signing of Phoenix, Arizona-based death metal quartet, Lago, for the release of the band’s impending second LP.

Issues Lago of their new album which is currently under construction:

“With this record, we are really trying to step outside of the box that we’ve created for ourselves. Our previous stuff is very heavily influenced by Morbid Angel and Emperor, and though those influences are still very heavy in our sound, we really want to make sure we just aren’t going to put out the same record as our last one, Tyranny. A lot of the new stuff we’re doing is exclusively two-part guitar. We wouldn’t go and call this a prog record, but in terms of what’s going on within the songs themselves I would say the guitar work is a lot busier. Lyrically, I think you can expect a lot of similarities. Our country is a crazy place right now with the political climate and a seemingly divided population. There’s a lot of vile, and disgusting things happening, and I think that will reflect in the writing and really set the tone for the album.”

Stand by for additional info on Lago‘s impending second album upon its completion in the months ahead.

Lago is:

Cole Jacobsen – guitars/vocals
Garrett Thomas – bass/vocals
Gus Barr – lead guitars
Neil Koch – drums