Lacuna Coil announce live album, Live From The Apocalypse; debut live video for “Apocalypse”

Photo by: CUNENE

Official press release:

Italian metal giants Lacuna Coil recently announced the release of their new live album, Live From The Apocalypse, to be released on June 25th. Today, the band have dropped the live version of “Apocalypse”, originally released on the latest studio album Black Anima, which is available to purchase and stream on all digital platforms. Watch the video for “Apocalypse” from the Live From The Apocalypse bonus DVD below. Cristina Scabbia states about “Apocalypse”:

“Looking at the sand gliding down through the hourglass… ‘Apocalypse’ is factual and actual in today’s pandemic, though, we couldn’t foresee this when we wrote it: the separation, the solitude, the confusion, the resilience. We keep on fighting for our will to survive.”

Andrea Ferro adds:

“Apocalypse is usually a huge concept involving destruction or damage and the way the world ends. In our vision, there’s no big apocalypse just endless little ones. Ignorance, complacency, selfishness alone can bring apocalypse.”

Live From The Apocalypse is the fruit of an unprecedented time. Unlike previous live efforts the Italians, under the yoke of the pandemic, cleverly devised a way for their devoted fan base to hear and see them on stage by organizing a special live stream event performing their latest album, Black Anima, in its entirety this past September 2020. This very special show will now be released digitally and physically (vinyl and CD). The physical album formats come with a bonus DVD featuring the footage of the original live stream. Live From The Apocalypse will be available in the following formats and can be pre – ordered, HERE.

Live From The Apocalypse track listing:

  1. “Anima Nera”
  2. “Sword of Anger”
  3. “Save Me”
  4. “Now or Never”
  5. “Reckless”
  6. “Through The Flames”
  7. “Apocalypse”
  8. “Black Feathers”
  9. “Under The Surface”
  10. “The End Is All I Can See”
  11. “Veneficium”
  12. “Black Dried Up Heart”
  13. “Bad Things”
  14. “Layers of Time”
  15. “Black Anima”
  16. “Save Me” (Apocalypse verions)

Lacuna Coil is:

Cristina Scabbia – vocals
Andrea Ferro – vocals
Marco “Maki” Coti-Zelati – guitar/bass/keys/synth
Diego “DD” Cavallotti – guitar
Richard Meiz – drums