Kublai Khan issue video for “B.C.”; new album Nomad streaming

Band: Kublai Khan
Song: “B.C.”
Album: Nomad
Release Date: September 29th, 2017
Label: Rise Records

Frontman Matt Honeycutt said of the video:

‘B.C.’ describes the illusion of religious importance through history and fact. The lyrics illustrate the use of religion to extinguish indigenous people on multiple continents. Illuminating the use of religion to justify slavery and erase cultural identities and origins.

The video depicts ancient people gathering around a fire in a display of dance and celebration. The link between us and our ancestors isn’t as far away as we would like to believe. In my eyes, gathering together for music, yelling, and moving our bodies are all core ways that we as humans release our inner energy.

Taking a step back in time to satisfy the primitive ways that we still share with our ancestors. Whether it be around a fire or inside a venue the base emotion and heart-pounding rush remains relatively unchanged through time.”


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  • Nomad track listing:

    1. “Antpile”
    2. “True Fear”
    3. “The Hammer”
    4. “8 Years”
    5. “Belligerent”
    6. “No Kin”
    7. “B.C.”
    8. “Salt Water”
    9. “Split”
    10. “River Walker”

    [via Decibel]