Band: Krisiun
Song: “Sworn Enemies”
Director: Alcides Burn/Burn Artworks
Album: Mortem Solis
Release Date: July 29th, 2022
Label: Century Media Records

The band said of the new track:

‘Sworn Enemies’ carries out the true essence of Krisiun. It’s an extremely fast, brutal and savage song. It relies on nothing but pure relentless death metal. The message speaks for itself. It represents our endless war to stay alive and keep moving forward. Don’t miss it, check it out, crank it up.”


Mortem Solis track listing:

  1. “Sworn Enemies”
  2. “Serpent Messiah”
  3. “Swords into Flesh”
  4. “Necronomical”
  5. “Tomb of the Nameless”
  6. “Dawn Sun Carnage (Intro)”
  7. “Temple of the Abattoir”
  8. “War Blood Hammer”
  9. “As Angels Burn”
  10. “Worm God”