Band: Kreator
Song: “Strongest of the Strong”
Director: Tom Schlagkamp
Album: Hate Über Alles
Release Date: June 10th, 2022
Label: Nuclear Blast Records

Frontman Mille Petrozza offered:

‘Strongest Of The Strong‘ represents every person on this planet who is striving to become a force of good in a world filled with a lot of bad. It’s a straightforward banger with a message that only one man could carry; his name is Patrik ‘Earthraiser’ Baboumian! Great working with him in the studio and on the music video, a man with a lot of shared values with my own. We hope you enjoy!”


Hate Über Alles track listing:

  1. “Sergio Corbucci Is Dead”
  2. “Hate Über Alles”
  3. “Killer Of Jesus”
  4. “Crush Thy Tyrants”
  5. “Strongest Of The Strong”
  6. “Become Immortal”
  7. “Conquer And Destroy”
  8. “Midnight Sun”
  9. “Demonic Future”
  10. “Pride Comes Before The Fall”
  11. “Dying Planet”