Krasseville to release new full-length Nous Sommes Faux through Avantgarde Music; stream new song “Nihil Time Funeral Process”

Krasseville 2

Official press release:

Suicidal & fashionnable western French rock music, that’s how the Krasseville gang band calls their music, and indeed this is gonna be a serious experience for all the listeners! Although band members have grown their roots in the black metal field (with side band Ordo Blasphemous) and you can still feel that roughness and a certain urban anger, Krasseville music definitely sounds more like a Kusturica’s movie soundtrack. A collection of short chansons noires with a Nick Cave-ish edge and an overall feeling of intellectual perdition, plus the many instrumental parts will make this album enjoable also by non-french music fans, anybody into high class music really, as indeed they play their instruments with a remarable mastery and extra fine relish!!!

Krasseville’s new album Nous Sommes Faux is scheduled for release on January 11th via Avantgarde Music. Listen to new track “Nihil Time Funeral Process” and pre-order Nous Sommes Faux below.

Nous Sommes Faux track listing:

1. “Intro”
2. “Nihil time funeral process”
3. “De sangre y mugre (instr)”
4. “Love sucks and hurts (instr)”
5. “Tête creuse (instr)”
6. “In Krasseville everything’s fine”
7. “Nous sommes faux”
8. “De sangre y mugre (outro)”
9. “Intro de la fin”
10. “K.G.B.”

Krasseville 1