British hardcore punk unit Knuckledust have a new music video out for their track “Life Struggle”. The song is off the band’s upcoming studio album Songs Of Sacrifice, which is slated to hit stores on March 4th via GSR Music.

Physical pre-order bundles are available through the label’s webstore, while digital version can be secured on iTunes.

Songs Of Sacrifice track listing:

1. “Humanity’s Nightmare”
2. “Lost Politics”
3. “Family Ties”
4. “Weak Link”
5. “Broken Trust”
6. “Renegade”
7. “Life Struggle”
8. “Legacy Destroyed”
9. “Reflections”
10. “Chosen Few”
11. “Foundations”
12. “Cycles”
13. “No Repeat”
14. “Build From Blood”

Knuckledust 1