KNAAVES streaming “Weight Of The Crown”

Photo by: Meredith Rice

Song: “Weight Of The Crown”
Album: The Serpent’s Root
Release Date: September 3rd, 2019
Label: Confluence Records

Streaming exclusively via Brooklyn Vegan. The group said of the track:

‘Weight Of The Crown’ was the last song we wrote for the album and its lyrical content is about the struggle of leaving something or someone you love because of things out of your control. There is always a period of mourning when loss is experienced, but it can also be the catalyst to positive transformation.”


The Serpent’s Root track listing:

  1. “The Serpent’s Root”
  2. “The Sermon”
  3. “Weight Of The Crown”
  4. “Sanguineous”
  5. “Matriarch”
  6. “Down In Flames”
  7. “Ouroboros”