Band: Kissing Candice
Song: “Brand New Low” feat. Jamie Madrox (Twiztid)
Director: King Zabb
Album: “Brand New Low” – single
Release Date: July 29th, 2021
Label: Zoid Entertainment

Bassist Grip said of the track:

‘Brand New Low’ is about what it’s like when you hit rock bottom and you feel washed up. The feeling that your best years are behind you, but in reality, the best may be yet to come! It’s about making the best of those times where you feel awful, so you can pull yourself out of that mindset and have fun with what’s around you and just live your life.”

The song is the band’s first to feature a guest vocalist. On finding the best fit, Grip adds:

“We definitely did not want to have just anyone be the first vocalist featured on one of our tracks. We wanted someone we respect that is at the top of their craft. We were lucky enough that our friend Jamie Madrox of Twizted was all about hopping on the track and delivering a few killer guest parts.”


[via Metal Injection]