Kings Destroy announce new album Fantasma Nera

Official press release:

Kings Destroy, “Brooklyn’s atmospheric grunge doom unit” (The Obelisk), release their fourth album, and first full-length in four years, Fantasma Nera on March 8 via Svart Records. Guitarist Carl Porcaro says:

“We upended our usual approach in creating this album. We’d been playing together for so many years, and all of our previous albums were the result of us hashing out the ideas in rehearsal and learning to play the songs live prior to going into the studio. For Fantasma Nera we put the songs first and let the material dictate the means by which the album was created. Producer David Bottrill (Tool, King Crimson) helped us find new creative approaches, and this resulted in an album that doesn’t sound like anything else we’ve ever done.”

Singer Stephen Murphy adds:

“We challenged ourselves to make the best album we could and we left our guts on the table. When I finished the vocals on this album, I was mentally and physically broken from the effort. I did not sing again for two months after it was recorded. I owed that effort to my bandmates, and they did the same for me.”

The record’s cover art was created by Josh Graham (ex-Neurosis, A Storm Of Light, IIVII)

Fantasma Nera track listing:

  1. “The Nightbird”
  2. “Fantasma Nera”
  3. “Barbarossa”
  4. “Unmake It”
  5. “Dead Before”
  6. “Yonkers Ceiling Collapse”
  7. “Seven Billion Drones”
  8. “You’re The Puppet”
  9. “Bleed Down The Sun”
  10. “Stormy Times”

Pre-orders will be announced soon, as well North American tour dates. The band recently confirmed a performance at Maryland Doom Fest on June 20.

Kings Destroy is:

Aaron Bumpus – bass
Stephen Murphy – vocals
Carl Porcaro – guitar
Rob Sefcik – drums
Chris Skowronski – guitar