King Diamond appeared on Eddie Trunk’s podcast yesterday and among the topics discussed was Diamond’s former band Mercyful Fate. Here are some excerpts from the show:

Eddie: You mentioned Mercyful Fate a few times. Where are you at with those guys? Are you in touch with them still… is there any chance that you work with those guys again in any capacity?

KD: There’s always a chance. Absolutely is there a chance. I mean, I love Mercyful Fate; there’s no doubt about it. King Diamond is number one for me. It has all the theatrics and all the different kinds of musical styles that go with that. I mean when I say “theatrics” that’s also for the music because we get more & we use more different instruments when we do King Diamond because it’s such, uh, when you tell stories you get really into being theatrical on the musical parts as well. Mercy is a little bit more straight forward even though we’re very progressive. But definitely. I talk a lot with Hank, especially, you know, with Michael Denner sometimes. Timmy, not so often, but I still might see Timmy when we start rehearsing here. He was there with his daughter two years ago when we were rehearsing in Denmark at the time. So I see the guys. I mean, they come by when we play.

Brian Slagel: By the way King, just so you know, I’m gonna make sure that there’s Mercyful Fate stuff happening.

Eddie: There again is the label chiming in

Slagel: Well, no, it’s not the label. It’s from the fans’ POV. There’s gonna be Mercyful Fate tours and things happening. I mean, not tours, but shows in the future. I’m gonna make it happen.

So there you have it, no specifics but it looks like there is a strong possibility that it could happen. Metal Blade’s Brian Slagel certainly has a strong point about future shows happening because of demand from fans. It is ultimately up to the band of course, but judging from past reunion shows and the way King speaks about his relationship with his former bandmates I definitely don’t see why this wouldn’t happen.

Check out the full podcast to hear what else King Diamond and Brian Slagel had to say.